Physio-Yoga Retreat
31st Oct – 3rd Nov 2024.


“Finding your Center – Return to Balance”

Physically, mentally and spiritually.

Location: Wisemans Ferry

Dates: 31st Oct – 3rd Nov 2024

Host: A-J Peterson, Physio and Yoga Teacher

We have our 2024 Yoga Retreat coming up at the end of October. Here are some further details for you. This year will be 3+ days giving you time to unwind and reap the benefits from your yoga practice.



Forgotten Valley in Wisemans Ferry, only 1.25 hours drive from Sydney.



Thursday pm 31st Oct to Sunday 3rd Nov 2024


What are some of the benefits of going on Retreat?


  1. Practice Yoga and experience its effects – physically, philosophically, and spiritually.

Yoga can help you re-discover (find) your center– this will mean something different to everyone; it may mean your physical center or your balance, it may mean re-balancing your lifestyle, reflecting on living according to your true values (your center), it may mean connecting to your innermost essence and heart center.

  1. Precious time for self-care and reflection

Self-care is necessary, but it often gets left to the end of the list.  We all need an opportunity, like going on a retreat, to pause, and remind our body, mind, and spirit what self-love and self-care feel like. Immersing yourself in Yoga helps to kickstart these elements.

  1. Healing effects of Nature

Spending time in natural environments is beneficial for your physical and psychological health. Trees release chemicals called phytoncides, which are beneficial for your immune system, increasing levels of immune cells. Walking in forests has been shown to lower blood pressure and stabilize blood sugar, help with depression and lower adrenaline. It can turn down the dial on your body’s fight-or-flight response. This has been shown scientifically by researchers in Japan where “Forest Bathing” is practiced.

If you are present and mindful when coming into proximity to a tree, your parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system is increased (Dr. Qing Li, professor at Nippon Medical School in Tokyo).

  1. Change of Scenery & Routine

Diversifying what your five senses take in each day and exploring new and novel experiences stimulates the hippocampus area of the brain, important for emotional regulation. Switching up your daily routines may also foster greater chances of breaking old habits.

Your brain loves routine, however sometimes routine can mean habits we would like to change. On retreat, we change routines, and we can begin to consciously establish healthy routines.

Being out of your usual environment, without your job title or usual tasks, ywithout all the things that you use to anchor yourselves to an identity, you can explore what it feels like to not have to try and be the good worker, good boss, good spouse, good friend, good parent, good child, good neighbour and so on.

  1. Balance The Nervous System & Heal

Yoga Practices like asana, breathwork, meditation and mindfulness can switch off the body’s stress response and allow your sympathetic nervous system to move into parasympathetic, (rest, digest and repair). This is the state necessary for healing.

  1. Spending Time with Like-Minded People

Connecting with other like-minded people, who accept you as you are, and encourage and listen to you can have a positive effect on physical and mental health.

  1. Positive Changes To Brain Chemistry

It’s no surprise that retreats can switch off stress hormones and release feel-good hormones, but science is curious to learn more about what makes people report the feeling of greater awareness of health and well-being, and elevated emotions, that endure after retreat. These changes in your nervous system make space for healing, compassion, and creativity.


What’s included:

  • 3 nights Accommodation with a private room and bathroom
  • All healthy and delicious meals are catered for. Tea and fruit will be provided outside meal times. If you have any personal dietary requirements please let me know and I will do my best to cater for them.
  • 2+ Yoga classes and sessions per day.
  • Topics guaranteed to inspire, drawing from ancient yoga texts, philosophy, and practices (asana – physical, pranayama – breath control, mindfulness and meditation).

What an average Day looks like:

6.30 am cup of tea!

7.00 am Yoga – Physical Asana practice, Pranayama and Meditation

9.00 am Breakfast

11.00 am – Session  TBA

1.00 pm Lunch

2.00 – Free time

4.00 pm Session TBA

6.30 pm Dinner

8.00 – Circle, reflection and Yoga Nidra

9.00 pm Retire for the night

This is a sample and may change. All activities are optional 🙏



Early Bird before End August. The cost has been kept to a minimum this year.


T&Cs will be sent when you confirm.

What to bring:

– Comfortable casual clothes; we won’t be dressing up for dinner.

– Suitable clothing for yoga. Yoga mat, block and strap if you have them. A bolster if you have one, or a cushion.

– Walking shoes and warm socks.

– Personal comfort items, toiletries and a towel.

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