Workshops and Retreats


Retreats are offered as a way of immersing yourself in the change you want. Kick start your change. Experience a new sense of being.

Retreats are limited in size so as to give everyone individual attention.

See the brochure for our current “Living Well”  Retreat from 25th – 27th  November 2022.


Workshops or ‘Intensives’ are 2-3 hour teaching sessions taught on different topics for example:

  • how to therapeutically massage to release tight muscles
  • prevention of back pain, 
  • walking well and free of pain,  
  • individualised lifestyle practices for your body type, 
  • breathing for good health and calm mind, 
  • rejuvenate and elongate your life with ayurveda and yogic practices, 
  • improving posture (scoliosis, kyphosis) 

Dates to be announced for the next workshop.