Body Areas Treated

What we treat at Physio Therapy Yoga, Milsons Point NSW

Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain are common, and they don’t need to be tolerated! Treatment for disc or joint injury, pinched nerves, work-related or lifestyle-related pain. Let us teach you how to prevent your pain from recurring.

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Foot, Heel and Ankle Pain

A-J has worked in a specialty clinic treating foot and ankle injuries, throughout her career this has been a major interest. There is more to treating foot pain than getting orthotics.

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Hip and Pelvic Pain

This is an area where imbalances in muscle tension show up. It is not always about strengthening, it is often learning to relax certain muscles that gives you the relief you are looking for.

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Headache and jaw pain

Do you have a clicky jaw ever? Do you wake with a stiff neck? This type of treatment is treated holistically as stress often plays a part. AJ has had further training in TMJ pain.

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Shoulder Pain

Treat the cause of your shoulder pain not just the symptoms. If your mid back is stiff it will affect your shoulder function. It may be why the shoulder pain, even rotator cuff injury,  came in in the first place

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Thoracic rings approach

AJ has completed training in this approach up to level 4 and had years of experience treating the thorax (mid back), and rib pain.This area can be the cause of other pains throughout your body.

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Knee Pain

Knees are aften the ‘victim’ between stiff hips and feet. The knee joint is a hinge joint, if above and below are stiff …

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Sports Injuries

A-J was awarded the title of Sports Physiotherapist in 1999. Click the button below to learn more about the phases of sports injuries, or…

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Persistent Pain

Pain affects everyone at some stage of their life, we need to know how to manage it well.

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