Learn Relaxation with Physio in Milsons Point

“Stress” causes muscle tension. There is a link between our brain, hormonal system and the musculoskeletal system. Treat yourself to a holistic treatment to address all the causes of your muscle tension. Be taught ways to relax, specific to you.

There is good stress and not so good stress.

Good stress helps you meet a dead line, perform in sport or run from danger, but it is usually short lived and then, all going well, we return to normal. Prolonged stress is ‘not so good’ stress. There are changes in the body that occur differently with prolonged stress listed below.

When your mind interprets something as a source of danger, a sympathetic nervous response  is triggered to alert the body to get ready for “Flight, Fight or Freeze”. These responses result in muscular tension, fast heart rate, change in breathing rate etc. There are a variety of ways to learn to manage these reponses.

Learn how to relax using a holistic approach, here at Physio Therapy Yoga. Understand how your body is responding to stress, and what you can do to help yourself relieve muscle tension.

Increasing tolerance to pain (of all sorts)

When we are under stress we tend to have less tolerance for pain, and very often your pain threshold will be lower. This is often due to the increase in stress hormones in our body waking up the nerve endings in our fascia (connective tissue). There are away using Yoga Therapy to help relieve this. Combined with Physio, giving us a knowledge of injuries, anaotomy and their pathology provides a holistic approach.

Link between the brain, hormones and adrenaline.

Our hormonal system is influenced by our thinking, and it is affected by what we eat and drink, toxins in our environment, and demands on our time. Hormones influence the inflammatory response in the body, and adrenaline is often released causing increased muscle tension.  Inflammation and muscle tension can lead to pain. Yoga Therapy can help calm this trifecta of stress responses.

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