Sports Injuries Physiotherapist Milsons Point

Phases of a Sports Injury:


This is the inflammatory phase of an injury. While inflammation is good in the early stages of an injury as it is taking away damaged cells, it is best it doesn’t extend more than a few days. Physio treatment is directed toward reducing inflammation after a few days, so the remodelling phase can commence. 1-3 days


This is the phase where new connective tissue is laid done to heal the injured area. The collagen fibres are arranged in a haphazard arrangement at first, a bit like felt. As you begin rehabilitation and specific exercises the collagen fibres align which makes them stronger in preparation for returning to sport. 1 – 6 weeks

Return to sport:

In this phase we retrain movement patterns to encourage you not to avoid moving through the pain any more. Its amazing how quickly new habits start! We will also give you proprioception or balance exercises, and more strength to encourage more laying down of fibre to make the repair strong. It is important to continue stretching to ensure the fibres align in this phase. 6 weeks – 3 months.

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