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Spinal pain is a condition many of us will face in our lifetime. Some studies show over 80% of people experience back pain at some stage of their life, and it is recurring in 23%.

While it’s a common instinct to rest and hope for relief, modern research shows there are more effective approaches to managing and treating the discomfort. The best approach is to get moving, to be guided by a trained therapist as to the correct movements for your condition.

Discover the root of your spinal pain and ensure it doesn’t return

Have any of these scenarios applied to you?

Have you ever found yourself immobilized in bed, plagued by severe spinal discomfort? Perhaps you’ve simply leaned over to retrieve an object and felt a sudden pain in your spine? Do you experience aching in your spine after prolonged standing, sitting, or physical activities? Have there been mornings when you wake up and feel a stiffness in your spine that prevents you from moving freely?

Physiotherapists are skilled at assessing and treating symptoms of spinal pain, causes of which can range from muscle tightness, joint stiffness and nerve irritation to inflammation, disc issues, and trigger points in muscles, among other concerns.

However, the real question is: What’s the TRUE ORIGIN of your spinal pain? Often, the underlying cause remains unaddressed, leading to recurring episodes of discomfort.

Several factors can contribute to the above spinal pain, including poor posture, or past injuries that have not been fully resolved. These influence your mobility, balance, alignment of the spine and more. Even lifestyle contributes such as inadequate breathing, stress, work setup, inflammation, and carrying children (even if it was years ago!).

To provide effective relief, it’s vital to accurately identify and address the cause of your spinal pain.

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