Back and Neck Pain

Back and Neck pain affects 85% of us sometime in our life. While many think rest will make your back better, research shows this is not the most effective treatment.

Exercises prescribed by a physio specifically for your type of back pain is the best form of treatment.

Back pain can range from debilitating to a persistent dull ache. It has a variety of causes; muscle spasm,  disc bulge, joint stiffness,  inflammation, nerve entrapment, trigger points, or postural misalignment and more.

The cause of your back pain must be determined to treat it effectively and to keep it away.

We teach you about your back, and exercises to help you treat yourself.


The joints in the lumbar spine are oriented to allow the spine to bend forward and back, or side bend. The joints do not allow much rotation.

If the body areas above and below your lumbar spine are stiff, your lower back has to compensate and over time this can cause any number of the problems listed above.

Low Back pain:

is often the victim between stiff hips and/or a stiff rib cage or thorax.

Above and Below…

Your rib cage is designed to rotate much like a slinky (see blog on Thoracic Rings) and your hip joints, being a ball and socket joint, rotate too.

If you limit the rotation in your hips or thorax (rib cage) your back may be trying to compensate, doing what it is not designed to do. This is when pain can come on for no apparent reason. 

Pain may come on for no apparent cause. Or so you think…come and be assessed to find out the cause of your back pain, and have it treated.


of the lower back is most effective when a whole-body assessment is done. The cause of your back pain must be accurately deduced.

We begin by asking lots of questions about your lifestyle, we look at your alignment and how you move.

We look for where the movement has been lost and is putting undue strain on your back.

We balance mobility with the stability of your spine.

Here at Physio Therapy Yoga in Crows Nest, we use a variety of approaches in addition to Physio to treat your low back pain, and teach you how to prevent it from recurring.

We identify where you have imbalances and teach you how to correct them.

There are many more stretches that can be prescribed. Book Online for your prescription.

The Integrated Therapeutic Approach to Physio treatment is a thorough way of assessing complex multiple areas of pain or longstanding back pain. Click on the link to learn more.

The cause of your back pain must be fully and accurately assessed to treat it properly and prevent a recurrence.

Preventative Physiotherapy with Yoga (learn more here) can keep your spine healthy and teach you how to self-treat and care for your back.

We treat: