Plantar Fascia Foot Pain

Feet and Ankles, Nerve Pain, Sports Injury

Plantar fasciitis is blamed for many foot problems. There are so many causes for pain in this area. The cause must be diagnosed to treat it effectively.

Plantar foot pain may be caused by inflammation or degeneration of the plantar fascia. This is a band of tissue under the foot that links your heel to your toes. It supports your arch, particularly if the intrinsic muscles of your foot are weak. See my blog on “core muscles of the foot”.

There are many causes of plantar foot pain. A few are listed below;

  • nerve entrapment (frequently missed!)
  • trigger points in tight muscles
  • weak intrinsic muscles of the foot
  • poor footwear
  • tight calves
  • bruised heel fat pad
  • referred pain from the lower back
  • poor biomechanics – how you walk and move your body above the foot

there are more…come and see A-J at Physio Therapy Yoga (prev. Physio Body and Sole – sole of the foot!)

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