Myofascial Physio Yoga Stretches

What is the Fascia?

Fascia is connective tissue, it connects every cell in the body.

It moves and contains us, and has nerve endings within for communication between areas of the body and the brain and body.

It makes up tendons and ligaments, it contains muscle cells, covers internal organs, and enables you to breathe.


When Fascia gets stiff from not moving your body, muscles, nerves and organs don’t ‘slide and glide’ relative to each other, and this causes pain.


Nerves travel through fascia and are made up of fascia. Fascia itself has 6x the number of nerve endings compared to muscle.

To relieve pain in fascia different types of massage or stretching can be used.

Fascial Slings

Fascia travels in lines, or creates “slings”throughout the body; front and back, side to side and spiral lines to name a few. They are deep and superficial, localised and whole body.

Some examples of  “fascial slings” and how to stretch them are shown below (from Thomas Myers’ book Anatomy Trains). 

Yoga poses to restore flexibility in your body:


  1. Superficial front line 


2. Lateral line (side)

      Often tight when you have knee pain.

3. Spiral Line

     This can be tight after a fall, or an ankle sprain.

4. Deep Front Line – the body’s myofascial core. This is the one most affected by the stress.

To relax the deep front line -> Breathe or do Yoga Nidra. 

See blog on Breathing.


Anatomical images are from Anatomy Trains book by Tom Meyer

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Fascial ‘release’ can 

  • Reduce pain and restore movement.
  • We treat the cause of long-term myofascial imbalance.
  • Be used to treat yourself to speed up your healing eg self massage.
  • Speed up pain relief,
  • Improve your mobility and flexibility,
  • Improve posture and
  • Make walking or running more efficient.

Note: Please do not attempt these exercises if you are not familiar with them, get guidance from a physio who knows Yoga, or an experienced yoga practitioner.