General Physiotherapist Milsons Point

Physiotherapy is an evidence-based practice that can significantly improve your symptoms, the way you move, and your quality of life.

We use hands-on treatment, educate you and teach you how to heal yourself.

Relieve longstanding pain, joint stiffness and arthritis, muscular strains or tears, ligament and tendon injuries, and nerve pain.

Physios understand the physiological mechanisms for healing.

Teach you how to move efficiently to be free of pain. Retrain walking and running using video analysis and yoga therapy combined with physio.

Advise you on how to manage your condition yourself.

Prescribe an exercise program to speed up your recovery and ensure you stay well.

Physiotherapy is beneficial in the management of many conditions:

Other Therapies we use:

Myofascial Release - Restore mobility of connective tissue (fascia) throughout your body to relieve pain and restore mobility.

Dry needling and laser therapy

Gait re-education - walk free of pain again.