Holistic Physiotherapist Milsons Point

Physiotherapy here at Physio Therapy Yoga, utilises scientific research, 30 years of clinical experience and yoga therapy to help relieve your pain and restore good functional movement. We work with you to achieve your goals. Every treatment is individual.  We work to improve your quality of life.

Modes of treatment include hands-on therapy, education, retraining the neuromuscular system, posture, balance and gait re-education. We aim to teach you how to heal yourself.

Relieve longstanding pain, joint stiffness and arthritis, muscular strains or tears, ligament and tendon injuries, and nerve pain.

Physios understand physiological mechanisms for healing.

Show you how to move free of pain. Retrain walking and running using specific exercises, breaking tasks into their components and reintegrating them. 

We combine yoga therapy with physio.

Teach you how to manage your condition and be less reliant on therapists.

Prescribe an individual exercise program to speed up your recovery and prevent recurrence.

Physiotherapists are movement specialists. They are trained to know the inner workings of your anatomy and physiology to help you heal.

Other Therapies available:

Myofascial Release - Restore mobility of internal connective tissue (fascia) to relieve pain and restore mobility.

Dry needling and laser therapy

Gait re-education - using post graduate training in biomechanics