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Neck pain is a common affliction, with many of us experiencing it at some point in our lives. Though some might assume that simple rest will remedy neck discomfort, this isn’t always the most effective solution.

Have you ever woken up, turned your head, and found it immobile? Does this scenario sound familiar?

Such instances could be indications of underlying issues that need to be addressed.

Neck pain can arise from a variety of sources, including tight muscles, nerve irritation, inflammation, trigger point irritations in muscles, and especially stiff shoulders and upper back.

What is the true cause of your neck pain?

Sometimes the real cause goes untreated, leading to recurrent neck pain.

Factors contributing to neck pain include poor posture, past injuries affecting mobility, stiffness in areas adjacent to the neck, prolonged working hours, stress-induced tension, shallow breathing, muscle weakness, and rigidity, among other reasons.

To effectively treat and prevent neck pain, it’s crucial to pinpoint its cause.

Neck pain can be exacerbated by restricted mobility in associated areas like the rib cage. The rib cage plays a crucial role in body mechanics. Limiting its rotation can force the neck to compensate, creating pain.

At Physio Therapy Yoga in Milsons Point, we believe in a whole body approach to treating neck pain. The neck can be the victim from stiff shoulders, upper back and even tight jaw. Incorporating various techniques, along with standard physiotherapy, has shown promising results in treating neck stiffness and pain.

Effective Treatment for Neck Pain:

When treating neck pain, a holistic assessment of the individual is paramount. This involves:

  • Evaluations of alignment and movement patterns.
  • In-depth discussions about past injuries, treatments, and lifestyle habits.
  • Identifying areas where movement is restricted, causing undue strain on the neck.
  • Striking a balance between muscle flexibility and strength.

Often, there’s an overemphasis on strengthening, neglecting the importance of muscle relaxation.

Our goal at Physio Therapy Yoga is not just to provide immediate relief but also to prevent the recurrence of neck pain in the future.

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