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The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) plays a pivotal role in daily actions like talking and eating. Tension or dysfunction in the TMJ can be a surprising culprit behind persistent headaches or neck and shoulder pain.

Headaches often start from muscular tension, nerve irritation, or trigger points related to the neck or jaw.

Fortunately, physiotherapy offers effective treatments to alleviate TMJ-induced headaches, neck or shoulder pain.

Jaw Pain and the TMJ: Physiotherapy’s Role in Relief

Jaw discomfort, often linked to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), is a prevalent condition in todays population. Jaw pain can stem from a variety of musculoskeletal causes, including tension in the jaw muscles, cervical and cranial nerve irritations, and trigger points.

Factors such as stress, poor posture, and lack of sleep can lead to musculoskeletal tensio in the jaw, causing TMJ pain. Furthermore, habits like jaw clenching or bruxing are common culprits behind not only headaches but also neck and shoulder discomfort. While a dental splint can protect your teeth and the TMJ joint, it does not necessarily halt the muscle tension responsible for pain and associated headaches.

At Physio Therapy Yoga in Milsons Point, our approach includes internal and external massage techniques to release tight jaw muscles, slow precise exercises to retrain muscles, and treatment of the neck as it is related to jaw pain. Physio aims to disrupt the continuous tension loop between tension and clenching, to help break the habit.


For those with severe TMJ-related discomfort, Cranio-sacral Therapy offers a gentle, hands-on solution.

This technique is specific and targeted. It aims to relax tight jaw, head and neck tissues and joints, promote nerve mobility, and ease tension throughout the cranium.

Our physiotherapy treatments encompass a variety of techniques, such as stretching, massage, and exercise to balance the jaw muscles, gentle  neural mobilisation, laser therapy, and deep stabiliser exercises.

Here at Physio therapy Yoga in Milsons Point we offer guidance on maintaining a proper sitting and standing posture and optimising workplace setup.

We also teach exercises that facilitate relaxation and mobility, and we introduce mindfulness techniques and Yoga meditation to alleviate stress, further reducing the propensity for jaw clenching.

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