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Hip pain can stop you from walking or sleeping well. There are many ways to treat hip pain. If incorrectly diagnosed, interventions can exacerbate the discomfort. 

A comprehensive assessment of your symptoms and movement can provide enough information to diagnose the problem, an X-ray is often not needed. Diagnosing requires considerable clinical experience. 

Very often hip pain is caused by muscular tension which must be relieved before strengthening can be effectively added.

Hip pain solutions using Physio and Yoga

The hip joints play a pivotal role in all weight-bearing movements. We need healthy and mobile hips to walk with pain-free ease. Painful hips can also interfere with sleep.

When there is a muscular imbalance around the hip joint, the joint will not move smoothly, it may be stiff. When a large joint like the hip joint is stiff, it will affect other areas of the body like your low back, knees and even your feet and ankles.

1. Release tight muscles such as the deep hip rotators, quadriceps and hamstrings. Even areas of tightness elsewhere in the body can affect the pelvis. 

2. Correct alignment. Learn how to “center”your hips. Center the ball of the thigh bone, into the socket of the pelvic bone.

3. Strengthen specific muscles that support hip stability, including deep abdominals, gluteals, calves etc.

4. Incorporate all this into movement. Walk efficiently, with minimal effort, and free of pain.

All this can be taught to you individually at Physio Therapy Yoga. Every body is unique.

Buttock pain – Piriformis syndrome:

Are you a butt gripper? Do you tend to clench your butt cheeks, or tuck your tailbone? Chances are you have a tight piriformis muscle.

Several muscles connect the pelvis to the hip, one is the piriformis muscle along with other deep hip rotators. When these muscles are tight they not only restrict hip movement, they can cause buttock or even sciatic pain.

Sciatic pain can arise from the buttock, not just from low back issues.


What can we do to help heal your hip pain.

Treatment includes specific muscle releases (massage) with laser therapy or dry needling. We determine the cause of your pain and treat it.

Often it is muscle tension causing pain, and too often patients are given more strengthening that just exacerbates the pain. You need to be assessed for what exact muscles are tight, and what are weak. Strengthening needs to be individualised and targeted for you.

Our approach is to teach you how to care for yourself, use your stabilising muscles without developing painful tension, and retrain your gait to ensure pain-free walking.

Let us help relieve your unique hip pain, and treat it the way your body needs.

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Clinically experienced Physiotherapy using biomechanics and functional anatomy to relieve persistent or longstanding pain.

We show you how to heal your body.