Integrated Systems (ISM) Body Physiotherapist Milsons Point

We assess your whole Body and internal systems to find the driver (cause) for your pain. Your whole body is connected, and pain does not always occur where the problem is.

If you have had pain for a while, and it has not responded to treatment, it is more likely there is another cause you havent found yet. It may be stiffness elsewhere, your alignment, internal pulls from other structures, and even stress. We will help you know what is causing your pain and direct your treatment effectively and efficiently.

Assessment includes your musculoskeletal system, nervous system, inflammation, lifestyle, and beliefs about your pain.  All contribute to persistent or recurring pain.

Do you have ongoing or recurring pain? 

The integrative systems model (ISM) approach looks at your whole body from head to toe. We look at your alignment, quality of movement in the painful task, muscular balance, the mobility of your nervous system (it needs to slide and glide through your body), lifestyle and more…all the systems that affect your body and pain.

We educate you how to manage and treat your own pain. 

  • Treatment begins with a comprehensive 1 hour assessment;
  • We note your past history, any injuries, illness, treatment, medications, surgeries etc
  • Examine lifestyle and its demands on you.
  • Discuss your beliefs and emotions that may be influencing how your body is moving and therefore pain.

What causes your pain? Correcting the cause will take your pain away. Treating your symptoms may only give you temporary relief. We are trained to look at multiple body systems to assess the whole of you. 

Treatment includes:

1. Release

of tight muscles preventing you from moving normally. We use myofascial release techniques, gentle touch with awareness, dry needling, stretching, and joint mobilisation. We teach you how to release these areas yourself so you can take control.

2. Align

you – show you the correct posture for your body type (we are all different) and educate you on how to do it yourself. We teach you how to feel the positioning of your body.

3. Connect

deep stabilising muscles for fostering efficient and pain-free movement. This includes using your core muscles to protect your joints, particularly the spine.

4. Move

We look at movement patterns in your body, teach you how to feel them and may suggest changes to help you move more efficiently and reduce the causes of pain.


are focused on your needs and your lifestyle. You are given a digital program so you can do the exercises at home easily.

Movement and Exercises are added in with increasing complexity until you can return to your normal activities.

The whole body Integrated Systems Approach includes a comprehensive assessment, treatment using multiple modalities, education, and a home exercise program.

For Bookings:

Clinically experienced Physiotherapy using biomechanics and functional anatomy to relieve persistent or longstanding pain.

We show you how to heal your body.