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Spinal Pain

Hip and back pain – Mothers

Do you carry your baby on one hip? Or did you years ago and now have hip or back pain? Carrying your baby on one side all the time can cause a pelvic torsion or a tightness in one side of your back and/or hip that causes pain sometimes even years later! What to do...

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Spinal strengthening exercises

Do you get back pain? You are not alone… Recent estimates of the global prevalence of low back pain in adults showed on average 23% get pain once a month.  It has been reported chronic back pain ranges from 10 to 20% of the population and rising. Approximately 90% of...

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Physio Therapy Yoga

Physio Therapy Yoga combines evidence-based Physiotherapy with the holistic practices of Yoga to help you heal from recurrent injury and/or persistent pain.