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Core Foot Posture exercises

Do you suffer from painful or stiff feet? You may be interested in foot strengthening exercises. The foot has stabilising (core) muscles just like the pelvis and lower back. These muscles get de-trained wearing shoes all day. It  is necessary to wear shoes on concrete...

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Pain walking?

Are you suffering from muscle and joint pain in your legs, or sore feet? You may have started to realise the importance of efficient and biomechanically optimal walking and correct footwear. Wearing shoes, and walking on hard concrete surfaces, cause many people pain...

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Fascia Connects us from Head to Toes

Fascia What is Fascia? Fascia connects us from Head to Toes - it is the connective tissue that wraps up every cell in our body and connects every cell. It makes up cell membranes, connects muscle fibres, ligaments, tendons, joint capsules etc. It connects us from head...

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Gentle treatment for spinal pain

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a non-invasive and gentle touch treatment. It can relieve deep body tension, easing dysfunction and pain. CST focuses on regulating the flow of cerebrospinal fluid within the craniosacral system. This is the soft tissues and fluid that...

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Physio Therapy Yoga

Physio Therapy Yoga combines evidence-based Physiotherapy with the holistic practices of Yoga to help you heal from recurrent injury and/or persistent pain.