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Feet and Ankles

Pain walking?

Are you suffering from muscle and joint pain in your legs, or sore feet? You may have started to realise the importance of efficient and biomechanically optimal walking and correct footwear. Wearing shoes, and walking on hard concrete surfaces, cause many people pain...

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Nerve Pain in the Feet

Pain in the feet can originate from nerve pain not just muscles and joints. Nerve pain can originate anywhere along the pathway of that nerve before it reaches your feet, including from your spine or pelvis. One nerve cell can span from the spinal cord to the feet?...

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Painful Feet – Heel pain and Arch pain

Many people think they have to live with painful feet, I hear it a lot; “I just thought it was part of getting old”, or “I thought my problem was hereditary”. Sometimes that is the case, but many times it is not! There is treatment that can a/ slow the progress of...

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Physio Therapy Yoga combines evidence-based Physiotherapy with the holistic practices of Yoga to help you heal from recurrent injury and/or persistent pain.