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Retreat “Finding your Center”

Physio-Yoga Retreat31st Oct - 3rd Nov 2024.   "Finding your Center - Return to Balance" Physically, mentally and spiritually. Location: Wisemans Ferry Dates: 31st Oct - 3rd Nov 2024 Host: A-J Peterson, Physio and Yoga TeacherThe 2024 Yoga Retreat in October will be a...

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Thoracic Rings and Treatment

Thoracic Rings and how you treat them.     One Thoracic Ring = 2 x ribs + breast bone + vertebrae. There are 10 complete rings and an additional 2 incomplete rings. Your thorax is your rib cage in 3D. The thorax is your middle and upper back bones, ribs and...

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Physio Therapy Yoga

Physio Therapy Yoga combines evidence-based Physiotherapy with the holistic practices of Yoga to help you heal from recurrent injury and/or persistent pain.