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Living Well Retreat 25-27th November 2022

2.5 days away with Physiotherapist and Yoga teacher A-J. * Explore how to balance your body and your mind with Yoga. * Learn techniques to ease aches and pains, de-stress and connect with nature. * Take home lifestyle tools to suit your body type for lasting change. * Contact A-J at aj@physiotherapyyoga.com.au with your enquiries. * We will send you further information.

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Changing Habits to reduce Pain

Changing Habits.   What is a Habit and why do we have them? Habits help the brain and body be more efficient. It means we don’t have to think about absolutely everything we do. Often we don’t even notice habits until they are pointed out to us.   Why change? All...

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Mind Body Connection

How does the mind affect our physical body?   There are two nervous systems in your body -    Skeletal Nervous system - the one we are all familiar with that moves our body and that we sense with.  Autonomic Nervous system - determines blood supply to the...

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Physio Therapy Yoga

Physio Therapy Yoga combines evidence-based Physiotherapy with the holistic practices of Yoga to help you heal from recurrent injury and/or persistent pain.