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Back pain affects 85% of us at some point in our lives. While many believe that rest will alleviate the pain, research indicates that it is not the most effective treatment.

Find the cause of your back pain and keep it away.

Have you ever found yourself bedridden due to excruciating back pain? Has this nightmare revisited you more than once?
Perhaps you’ve merely bent down to retrieve something and felt a sudden jolt in your back?
Do activities like standing, sitting, or gardening leave your back aching?
Have there been mornings when you’ve turned your head, only to find yourself stuck in that position and then experienced it repeatedly?

While physiotherapy often addresses symptoms of back pain, such as muscle tightness, nerve irritation, inflammation, bulging discs, and trigger point aggravations, it is vital to recognize the root of the problem.

What is the TRUE origin of your back pain?

Often, the underlying cause remains unaddressed, leading to recurrent episodes of pain.

Some fundamental contributors to back pain include poor posture, past injuries that alter your movement patterns, stiffness in the regions adjacent to the affected spine, prolonged working hours, inadequate breathing patterns, stress, muscle weakness or inflexibility, and many more.

To effectively treat and prevent recurrent back pain, it’s imperative to identify and address its root cause.

Low Back Pain

often starts between stiff hips and thorax or rib cage. It connects the two.

Connecting Above and Below…

Envision your rib cage as a flexible entity, much like a slinky (refer to our blog on Thoracic Rings), while your hip joints, with their ball and socket structure, are meant to rotate with ease.
If rotation is compromised in either your hips or thorax, your back might overcompensate by attempting movements it isn’t naturally designed for.

Such adjustments might lead to pain that seemingly appears out of the blue. However, there is always an underlying cause. Let’s uncover the true source of your back pain and provide effective treatment.

At Physio Therapy Yoga in Milsons Point, we integrate Yoga with various therapeutic techniques, enhancing our Physio-based approach to address both your back and neck discomfort.

Treatment Approach

for the lower back becomes highly effective when a thorough, holistic, individualized assessment is undertaken. Pinpointing the exact cause of your back pain is paramount.

Our process begins with a comprehensive discussion, delving into your history of injuries, prior treatments, general health and understanding your daily routines.
We then analyze your postural alignment and movement patterns.
Our focus shifts to identifying areas where movement is restricted, leading to added stress on your back. The restrictions result in pain, although the pain is not always where the restrictions are. This is where the detective work starts.

A harmonious blend of flexibility and strength is sought – recognizing that oftentimes there’s an overemphasis on strengthening, neglecting the vital relaxation and elongation of muscles. We teach you about your body to give you back control to care for your own body.

Our primary goal? To ensure your back or neck pain does not make an unwelcome return.

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We show you how to heal your body.