Ankle Pain Physiotherapist Milsons Point

Over 25 years of experience treating ankle injuries at Physio Therapy Yoga, A-J loves treating ankle problems!
Let us help you relieve your pain and return to the walking or running you love.

Common Ankle problems treated at Physio Therapy Yoga are:

Fracture Rehabilitation

After a period of prolonged immobilisation it can feel strange to walk again. Muscles are severely detrained and it is easy to pick up bad walking habits. It is always best to be guided to the correct exercises to strengthen and restore normal gait/ walking. Here at Physio Body and Sole we have years of experience with lower limb biomechanics and gait re-education.

Recurrent Ankle Sprains

Sprains occur when ligaments are over-stretched or torn. Ligaments join bone to bone providing stability to joints.

Initially for an acute ankle apply compression and rest it. Ice is for pain, do not overdo it or more tissue damage may occur. Start active movements as directed by your Physio, gradually walking on it as pain allows. If it does not resolve within 2 days, or pain is severe, it must be assessed by a professional.

Loose ligaments can cause long term ankle instability. The surrounding muscles must be retrained to support the ligament.

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