Meet A-J

Anna-Jane (A-J) is a specialist sports and exercise physiotherapist and yoga teacher at Physio Therapy Yoga in Lavender Bay Milsons Point, Sydney.

A-J Peterson has a passion for finding the cause of your pain to enable you to heal from persistent or reoccurring pain.

She has treated thousands of people of all ages and fitness levels in her 30 years of practising as a Physio. She works collaboratively with you to empower you to help yourself.

About A-J

  • As a specialist sports and exercise physiotherapist and yoga practitioner A-J assesses your whole body and lifestyle to really get to the bottom of why you have ongoing pain or dysfunction.
  • A-J combines evidence-based physiotherapy and years of clinical experience with the biopsychosocial approach of yoga therapy to treat your pain or dysfunction. She will teach you ways to heal yourself.
  • Using the “Connect Therapy” Integrated Therapeutic Approach AJ treats the cause of your symptoms.
  • Modalities include; Physiotherapy, Biomechanical analysis, Neuromuscular retraining, Exercise programs, Therapeutic Yoga Osteopathy (Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Therapy), and laser and dry needling.

Persistent pain requires a multidimensional approach to treatment. 

My Story

Early in my career, I worked for some inspirational physios who nurtured my passion for getting to the bottom of a problem. I completed further studies in Exercise and Sports Science, Functional Anatomy, and Biomechanics and since then I am always looking to learn more. I enjoyed being team physio for football and netball clubs and toured with the Australian Ski Team to the World Cup.

I was awarded the title of Specialist Sports Physiotherapist in 1999. 

Always with a thirst for knowledge, I added complementary therapies to Physiotherapy. I have always been interested in treating holistically, meaning the whole body from head to toe, and other systems in the body, including the emotional system (as it affects the physical body). I love helping you adjust your lifestyle for good health, and use complementary therapies including Yoga therapy, Craniosacral therapy, Visceral therapy to treat you using a holistic biopsychosocial approach. 


I enjoy treating persistent pain particularly where there has been an accumulation of injuries over years. 

Your physical problems are often multifactorial;  the source of pain is often due to an imbalance elsewhere in the body (besides where you are feeling the pain), and may even lie with emotional or lifestyle causes.

I have had my fair share of injuries. After multiple knee surgeries (from skiing) I had a knee replacement. For years I had managed arthritis with exercise and Yoga.The combination of Physio and Yoga has kept me fit and healthy and enjoying all the things I want to do.  

I’m a mother, a daily yogi, keen gardener, love traveling and most of all getting out into nature.