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Physio Therapy Yoga combines Physiotherapy with the holistic practices of Yoga to help you heal from persistent pain or recurrent injury that may not be responding to traditional treatment. Located in Crows Nest on Sydney’s lower north shore, we educate and empower our clients with the knowledge and skills required to help themselves heal and to thrive and live an active and pain-free life.

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Physio Therapy Yoga Services

Physio Therapy Yoga uses a variety of scientific and evidence-based approaches depending on the particulars of your unique condition. With 25 years experience treating complex and stubborn conditions, A-J at Physio Therapy Yoga discerns which of the broad range of skills available to treat you are used. We’re based in Crows Nest on Sydney’s lower north shore, with clients traveling far and wide, attracted by our experience and unique approach. 

Yoga Classes

Workshops and Retreats

New Foundations Program

How are we different?

Our desire is to provide you with more lasting relief from persistent or recurring pain, and to help you return to what you love following an injury.

How do we do this?

  • Utilising 25 years of clinical experience and further studies.
  • Drawing from a unique selection of therapies, we help those who haven’t always responded to traditional treatments in the past.
  • Educating and empowering you with the knowledge and skills to help yourself heal.
  • Using a holistic whole-person approach, treating the mind with the body, and taking into account your lifestyle and responsibilities. 
  • Treating the integrated systems of your whole body, not separating you into body parts. You are not a body part that can be treated in isolation, all your parts are connected. This is the most effective way to treat persistent pain. 

What We Treat

We treat a range of conditions; physical pain and injury, post surgical, pain brought on by stress, computers and demands of life, and persistent pain that has not responded to traditional treatments. 

Having spent years working in a foot and ankle clinic we have a special interest in treating foot, heel and lower limb pain. We have an interest in treating thoracic rings (ribs) and their effect on other parts of the body (read more), and in treating long standing back and neck pain using the combination of Physio and Yoga, and in peripheral nerve pain. Yoga Therapy is particularly useful to help you heal from persistent pain and recurring injuries. Ultimately combining all therapies for you to achieve your goals.

Back and neck pain

Back and neck pain are common, and they don’t need to be tolerated! Let us teach you how to erase your back pain and prevent pain from recurring.

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Foot, heel and ankle pain

A-J has worked in a specialty clinic treating foot and ankle injuries, throughout her career this has been a major interest. There is more to treating foot pain than you may think.

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Hip and pelvic pain

This is an area where muscle imbalances  show up. Relieving pain is not always about strengthening, it is so often the opposite… learning how to relax specific muscles. This is what gives you the relief you are looking for.

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Headache and jaw pain

Do you ever have a clicky jaw? Or wake with a stiff neck? You may need the muscles in your jaw relaxed. TMJ dysfunction is treated holistically using a variety of therapies as stress often plays a part. AJ has further training treating TMJ pain.

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Shoulder pain

Treat the cause of your shoulder pain not just the symptoms. Your stiff back  or neck may be causing your shoulder pain. These will affect shoulder function, and may be why  your shoulder pain came on.

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Thoracic rings approach

AJ has completed years of training in the thoracic rings (ribs) approach. This technique was introduced by LJ Lee, Canada. Thoracic rings comprise of pairs of ribs, the spine and breast bone. Imbalances in this area can be the cause of dysfunction throughout your body, and why you are not getting better.

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Knee pain

 Knees are often the ‘victim’ between stiff hips and feet. If the joints above and below the knee are stiff, the knee tries to rotate, and being a hinge joint it does not cope over long periods. The patella (kneecap) is also a source of pain caused by muscular imbalance… read more.

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Sports Injury Rehabilitation

A-J enjoys looking after the older athlete these days. She has rehabilitated many athletes in her career particularly runners, snow skiers and footballers. She enjoys treating people with an accumulation of injuries over years as they require more detective work to treat well. She has postgraduate studies in Exercise and Sports Science and was awarded the title of Sports Physiotherapist in 1999.  

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Persistent or chronic Pain

Persistent pain is more than just physical. It is a type of pain that needs to be treated holistically taking into account body, mind, lifestyle, emotions, beliefs and more. Yoga therapy helps with Physiotherapy to provide holistic healing for conditions ranging from back pain, digestive issues and emotional distress. The combination of Physio and Yoga is a scientifically proven modality to help ease persistent pain and help you live a quality life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are we different here at Physio Therapy Yoga?

We treat with a Holistic with a whole-person approach integrating the body and mind as one, and all the systems of your body. We are not in parts, we are a completely connected and integrated whole person.

How long does treatment take?

It usually takes two to three sessions to resolve minor pains or injuries, while more serious conditions may take longer. 

I know you don’t want to see me indefinitely. But nor is this is quick-fix situation. Especially if your condition or pain is long-standing, we need time together for me to apply my diagnostics ……. In order to make real change.

To treat a condition thoroughly and prevent it from reoccurring we educate you about the cause of your pain and give you the skills to treat yourself.

People don’t take in everything they are told in the first session

Talk to us for a more definitive answer for your individual situation.

What is Integrative Therapy?

It is where you are treated as a whole, the sum total of all your systems working together. You are an integrated whole of all your parts, every system is influenced by the other systems or body parts.

You are treated by assessing the whole of you, from head to toe. We assess other factors like lifestyle, thought processes, emotions, the environment in which you live and work, past injuries and treatments…all of it!

Modern medicine is a reductionist way of treating the body, often relying on medications or other invasive techniques.

We use complementary holistic Yoga therapies alongside mainstream western medical knowledge and research with physiotherapy.

Who are your ideal clients?

People who are ready for change, who are motivated to do the work to get better. Who appreciate investigating and treating their chronic health issues takes time. Diagnostics into symptoms often uncover underlying contributors that are long-standing and not obvious to the resulting symptoms. This requires a commitment to act on recommendations to help yourself.

What are some trends you are seeing that aren’t useful to your clients?

There’s been a lot of attention given to “core strength” in recent years. Many people do not understand what this is. Additionally, a lot of clients come to me having been given strengthening exercises that are painful to do, that aren’t helping and may even be making it worse. There are practitioners who dont touch the body, feeling is a part of diagnosis. Many are given medication or the option for surgery, before trying non-invasive treatment modalities that have scientific evidence to back their efficacy.

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