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Physio Therapy Yoga combines Physiotherapy with Yoga Therapy for a unique way to help you heal from pain and injury. Located in Milsons Point on Sydney’s lower north shore, we treat you, educate and empower you with knowledge and skills required to help yourself heal and live an active and more pain-free life.

How we are different.

  • We combine Physiotherapy with other therapies, and 25 years of clinical experience and post-graduate education (list of Qualifications).
  • Using a variety of therapies; Physiotherapy, yoga (physical), yoga therapy, breath work, neuromuscular reeducation, myofascial release, muscle energy therapy, postural correction, dry needling, laser, meditation and mindfulness, visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy, and sports therapy. 
  • We educate and empower you with knowledge and skills to heal yourself.
  • We take a holistic approach to treatment; assessing the whole of you from head to toe, taking into consideration lifestyle, general health, history of injuries and surgeries, sleep quality, and more. 
  • We integrate all the systems of your body (musculoskeletal, neurological, psychological, physiological), to provide comprehensive treatment for you.

We don’t separate you into parts, we have found it to be much more effective and efficient to treat the whole of you!

We’re here to help you find lasting pain relief and return to what you love to do.

What We Treat

Welcome to our comprehensive approach to wellness at Physio Therapy Yoga. We are committed to treating not just the symptoms, but the root causes of your conditions, ensuring a holistic and effective recovery.

Under our Services tab, you’ll find an extensive list of what we treat, plus:

  • Long-standing pain you have not yet found a solution for.
  • Pain with unidentified causes.
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Stress related pain
  • Work and lifestyle injuries
  • Sports injuries.

A-J , our specialist Sport Physiotherapist, integrative therapist, and a yoga practitioner has a range of expertise with a special focus on:.

  • Lower limb pain including hips, knees, nkles, heels and feet.
  • Thoracic Rings (upper back/ribs) – Stiffness in this area can impact the function of other body parts, leading to issues such as hip and SIJ (low back/buttock) pain, neck, shoulder, spinal pain, and even knee and foot pain.
  • Nerve pain – Experience relief from burning, tingling, and shooting pain through our specialized treatments.

How we Work

At Physio Therapy Yoga, we prioritize listening to your body. By carefully feeling your tissues, we gain valuable insights into your condition.

To provide the best possible care, we start by conducting a comprehensive assessment. This includes gathering information about your current and past pain, medical history, stressors, sleep habits, and other factors that may contribute to muscular tension and inflammation.

We also evaluate your posture and movement patterns, as well as your joint health and muscular balance. Additionally, we pay special attention to your nervous system, recognizing that pain is often a result of nerve involvement.

Our approach at Physio Therapy Yoga is grounded in scientific and evidence-based methods, customized to address your specific needs. With over 25 years of experience in treating complex and stubborn conditions, A-J and the team at Physio Therapy Yoga are skilled in determining the root cause of your problem and selecting the most effective treatment techniques.

Conveniently located in Milsons Point on Sydney’s lower north shore, our central location attracts clients from near and far who are seeking our unique and experienced approach to physiotherapy and yoga therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are we different at Physio Therapy Yoga?

We treat the whole of you, body, mind and spirit. We not only treat your injury, we treat the cause, and prevent it from reoccurring by teaching you about the effects of your lifestyle, the way you move, emotional stresses and more.  You are taught ways to heal yourself.

How long does treatment take?

It usually takes two to three sessions to resolve minor pains or injuries, while more serious conditions may take longer. 

I know you don’t want to see me indefinitely, but nor is this is quick-fix situation. Especially if your condition or pain is long-standing, we need time together for me to apply my diagnostics ……. In order to make real change.

To treat a condition thoroughly and prevent it from reoccurring we educate you about the cause of your pain and give you the skills to treat yourself.

People don’t take in everything they are told in the first session

Talk to us for a more definitive answer for your individual situation.

What is Integrative Therapy?

It is where you are treated as a whole, the sum total of all your systems working together. You are an integrated whole of all your parts, every system is influenced by the other systems or body parts.

You are treated by assessing the whole of you, from head to toe. We assess other factors like lifestyle, thought processes, emotions, the environment in which you live and work, past injuries and treatments…all of it!

Modern medicine is a reductionist way of treating the body, often relying on medications or other invasive techniques.

We use complementary holistic Yoga therapies alongside mainstream western medical knowledge and research with physiotherapy.

Who do we help?

People who have not found long-lasting relief for their pain. They may get short-lived relief, but it comes back. 

They must be ready for change. They are motivated to work together with us to get better.

You may be restricted from doing the things you love, for example going on long walks. It is important to understand, pain is not always where the problem is. You are looking for an experienced physio who can work out the cause of your problem? You want the choice of a range of therapies, including Physio and Yoga, to help you live a full and active life.

What are some trends you are seeing that aren’t useful to your clients?

There’s been a lot of attention given to “core strength” in recent years. Many people do not understand what this is properly. Many clients come to me having been given strengthening exercises that aren’t helping and may even be making it worse. Many are given medication or the option for surgery, before trying non-invasive conservative treatments that have scientific evidence to back their efficacy.